Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Round-up

Whew, what a month! I started with a hysterectomy, filled the middle with a quick trip to South Carolina, and then finished with a return to our morning walks.

The surgery was planned well in advance which gave me time to prepare several hand-sewing projects to occupy my recovery time. I glue-basted elongated hexies, some of which are shown in the first picture of the collage below. I also hand-quilted and did some random EPP stitching with other leftovers, an example of which is in picture 2.

Picture 3 is my mom! We celebrated Mother's Day at her house (this photo was taken earlier in the month at a restaurant), and we had our first homemade ice cream of the season!

Picture 4 is a table-full of goodies which were served at an afternoon tea I attended. A club I was formerly active in celebrated its 70th anniversary with a tea; all past and present members were invited. We had a lovely time, and the goodies were delicious.

Picture 5 is my May UFO, done to the flimsy stage. It is called Navy Monkey Wrench. With its completion, I am now 5-for-5 in UFO finishes this year - yeah!

Pictures 6 and 7 are from our very impromptu trip to Charleston and Georgetown, SC. After only about 24 hours of "planning," we took off early on a Wednesday morning, spent Thursday touring Charleston, Friday touring Georgetown, and Saturday touring Mt. Airy, NC, and part of the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way back home. We concluded the trip by stopping by my husband's hometown, staying the night with his dad, and getting back home on Sunday. It was thoroughly enjoyable!

Picture 8 is from a wine-tasting we attended as guests of our older daughter, who works for the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Roughly a dozen or so Ohio winegrowers were on hand to share their best wines and entice us to their vineyards to shop for more. It was held in the Ohio State House lobby near the gift shop. It was well-attended and the wines were really good!

And finally, picture 9 is the paper-pieced finish from this past weekend. It has blocks that were, as the name implies, paper-pieced. I then machine stitched the top and hand-quilted it - what a mish-mash!

I have pretty much recovered from the surgery. My follow-up visit was yesterday, and the doctor tells me that no cancer was detected, and since all those questionable areas are removed, from now on I will never, ever have any concerns about that. DH and I have been getting back out to the bike path to walk every morning. I am beginning with 1.5-mile walks for awhile. I have a goal to be back to doing 3-mile walks by mid-June, and then to doing the occasional 4-mile and 5-mile walks by August. I will probably be able to do it sooner.

I have been making quilting goals like crazy for June - I had so many things on my May list that just didn't get done. I couldn't really foresee what recovery would allow; I'm not wallowing over those unfinished goals, either. I will just have to kick myself into a higher gear in June.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. You have been so wise in pacing yourself through your recovery. I found it takes a few months to fully recover so you are 'allowed' to take some daytime rests and not worry about achieving all your goals ☺ I really like the paper pieced quilt.


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