Thursday, May 4, 2017

Welcome, Dorothy, To the Quilting Club!

In 1992, we moved into our house, and soon thereafter we met some neighbors about a mile up the road, John and Dorothy. Because our children were in school together, Dorothy and I became good friends. We have vacationed together, committees, dinners, concerts, card club - yeah, all that and more. Suffice it to say, we know each other pretty well. Oh, and she is a former hair salon owner, so she is my hairdresser, too. All these years, she has known that I quilted, but she never seemed too interested in taking up the hobby - until NOW!!!

About a month ago, she asked if she could come over for a Saturday afternoon to show her how to cut out a quilt. It was to be a picnic blanket for her son and daughter-in-law. She texted me the picture below as she was buying 33-35 the fat quarters.

I've kicked myself several times for not taking pictures that first day I helped her. After she went home, she sewed the strips together, laid it out on her floor and sent this picture of her progress.

Just a few days later she had it finished and sent two pictures to show off her first ever quilt! Wouldn't you say she did just fine? She has already gifted it and her d-i-l approves. What impressed me the most is that Dorothy didn't waste any time on this. No moss grows under her feet! She has a get-it-done attitude about most things, so this should not surprise me. 

It wasn't too many days later that she sent this picture. She was shopping and happened to have coupons for this beginner set of mat, ruler and rotary cutter. Yessss! She is buying her supplies! I do believe we have a new quilter on Westfall Road!

This past Saturday, she called me to come over to see if she is cutting out quilt #2 correctly. I walked her through some very basic things, but she really had the gist of it from the get-go. This quilt will require some hourglass blocks (triangles!), so I warned her about treating the bias edges with care. I am eager to see how she does with this second quilt. It will be a beauty - navy and white Ohio Star blocks. Yeah. Gorgeous. I will keep you updated.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Wonderful! Welcome to the amazing, rewarding, addicting world of quilting Dorothy!


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