Saturday, March 6, 2021

Design Wall Chaos

The design wall in my quilting room is not a huge one, but I certainly get huge use of it. Generally, it contains a conglomeration of projects, ideas, false starts, and ephemera. Rather than finishing some of the items hanging up there, I just layer on more projects on top. The result after about 10 years, looks like this:

This is the full view of the design wall. Some might have difficulty dealing with a mass of chaos such as this, but I am quite comfortable having all these various projects pinned up before me. The items out front are the more current projects, and I tend to use the left side for "storage" while the right side is more likely to be cleared for actual designing purposes.

If we just concentrate on this more current portion of the wall, you can see several projects that are currently on my radar.

The 4 red and white blocks at the top right the newest additions to this wall. For the quilt they will be used in, I need 16 of those blocks, so I will steadily work my way through those in the coming days.

Hanging off the bottom is my scrappy version of Spring Dreams for the sew along we are doing. I will share more about it on Monday when we do our first weekly update.

Behind the red blocks and the scrappy sew along are the 4 blocks I made with Kaffe Fassett blues. They are delightful to look at, and it keeps the plan for making this quilt very much in the immediate plans. I will get the red and white one done first, then turn my attention back to blue KF stars.

Everything else tacked to this wall just needs to have a purpose. I make random blocks just because, sometimes, and then I put them up there and just look at them. I ought to devote a month to finishing some of these things, or at least, to figuring out a way to use the random blocks.

Some are ready for finishing, like the table topper behind the sew along topper. Some are leftovers from quilts I have finished, and for whatever reason, had extra blocks - the churn dashes and the blue and white star are two visible examples. Random single blocks round out the variety. I get an idea, make a block, and then look at it on the wall. A couple of the stars up there are really awesome looking, and ought to be going into some equally awesome.

I wonder how many quilters operate like this? I would like to think that this is somewhat normal.

It's a pretty day here, and we are going to get outside for awhile. Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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  1. I sometimes clear my design wall in the hope it will clear my mind and get me to focus on one project... but it just looks bare and un-inspiring! I prefer the way you use your design wall! And you never seem at a loss for a project to work on!


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