Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Finish for March

There for awhile, I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever be able to boast a finish in this calendar year, for the sewing year began on shaky ground. The sciatic pain had sidelined me; with the help of my husband and DD2, the sewing room moved from a small bedroom to a much larger bedroom; my Bernina had a major hissy fit and had to be shipped to Illinois then to N. Carolina! I did get a loaner, but by that time I had mountains of projects piling up, and the task of tackling them was daunting.

Well, we have solved many of our 'issues' now, I am happy to report. Lumbar injections have me feeling much, much better. The sewing room is really working out well. I just picked up my old reliable Bernina on Tuesday, and I have finished a few of the projects that were overwhelming me.

My red, white and black star quilt top is finished. I am so pleased with it. This pattern is a winner, for sure. It is by Thimbleberries, and is officially called Christmas Confetti, as she has it done up in holiday fabrics. I will just call mine Confetti Stars. If you recognize  the pattern, it's because it is the one we use when we make retirement quilts. Easy and reliable, for sure.

I have no immediate plans for quilting this, but there are a couple of options for me. A fabric sale at Ben Franklin is calling me to go snoop around, and a few bolts of reduced fabrics at Old Town also looked promising, the last time I was in there.

I had a chance yesterday to visit Creations Sew Clever, our original fabric store in Chillicothe. They are undergoing some major renovations, and I will be giving you a glimpse of that in a coming-soon post.

I am off to OUC! Gotta' teach!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Oh Jayne! It's so beautiful! I hope you get well soon! I hate ciatic pain!

  2. Oh Jayne! It's so beautiful! I hope you get well soon! I hate ciatic pain!

  3. Beautiful, Jayne, love the red anytime of the year. Do I see Ohio Stars?

  4. I LOVE this sawtooth stars quilt with it's alternating flower print squares! And, the reds, whites and lovely! I am working on a sawtooth square quilt for our daughter, but in very different colors, and plan to do a border of appliqued fall leaves. May have to do one like this too later. It's gorgeous! I know you are proud of it!


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