Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gorgeous Landmark

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I will be celebrating by watching more basketball! The Big 10 Tournament final is this afternoon at 3:30, when our Ohio State Buckeyes take on those pesky Badgers from Wisconsin. GO BUCKS!!

I have a hand-quilting project set up for game time. The small doll quilt called Abundance (above) I made earlier this year in a quilt-along with Humble Quilts is ready for stitching! (You can read more about that quilt-along here, fyi.)

Now to the main feature of this post, the gorgeous landmark. A week-plus ago, the Frankfort quilters and I went to Canal Winchester's Laughing Ewe to pick up Terry's Generals' Wives quilt. We enjoyed seeing a relatively new quilt shop, and the fellowship of the ride up and back. You can refresh your memory on that outing by clicking here.

Another thing we enjoyed was our lunch stop at Marketplace and Galleria in Circleville. Not only were the meals delicious, the building is an absolute gem! Historians in the Circleville area must be thrilled that such a beautiful old home has been so lovingly cared for over the years.

We were there on a particularly bright and sunny Friday in early March. Everything looks better in sunshine, right?

This closer shot affords a better view of the detail in the carvings and in the painting. Note that circular tower on the left. It goes from ground level to that spire on top. Can't you just imagine the care the builders and craftsmen took when constructing this dwelling? We didn't ask, but we guessed it to be from around circa 1890. And we weren't too far off - their website says it was built in 1880.

The most breathtaking feature for me was this fireplace located in the entry hall. It's magnificence is indescribable. Just look at the ornate carving and ample wood, floor to ceiling. Amazing. We don't see stuff like this in homes today, do we?

Further into the foyer is this impressive staircase which leads up to the antiques shop which comprises the second floor. The woodwork is incredible.

This shot looks down from the landing of those steps. That spectacular fireplace is visible, and just look at all the wood. Craftsmanship was something folks took pride in.

The restaurant and bar is located on the first floor, and this is the view from where we were seated. Remember the round tower on the left side of the house? This is how it looks like from inside. Crown molding and over-the-top window molding. The beauty of it - the whole house - is totally stunning. What would the family who had this home built have been like?

I guess I should mention that our meals were delicious. I had the Cuban Panini which was fantastic. One of the girls had a salad which looked yummy, and the other 3 all kept with their fish-on-Friday Lenten promise. They said that it was good, too. I had a hard time deciding, as their menu offers several interesting options. I definitely hope I get to go back.

Well, that little tour fulfills yet another promise I made; I said I would tell you about the Marketplace Galleria, but I didn't say how long it would take me to get around to it! *ha!*

So, enjoy your St. Patty's Day. Enjoy your basketball. And most of all, enjoy your quilting!

Happy Quilting, Lassies!


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  1. What a beautiful old Victorian, thank you for sharing the pictures. Just turned on the game ------Go Buckeyes!


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