Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just Regular Stuff

Nothing too impressive coming out of the sewing room lately. At least from my end of things. Sharon has something VERY impressive hot off her sewing machine.

We sewed here on Monday and her goal was to make a star. Sounds easy enough, but when you see the complexity of THE star, you will see how it could become a one-day goal.

To review, she is using her Roman Holiday fabric in a kit she bought for the Miss Rosie Quilt Co. pattern called Three Coins. Here is the pattern.


And it is also in this book, Spice of Life Quilts. Be careful, though, the direction differ, as do the yardage amounts. Haven't quite figured out why that would be.

Anyway, here is the star, all 45 pieces of it. Isn't it a beauty? It would have to be to make it worth dealing with 45 pieces!

Sharon doubled her expectations by getting two of the stars completed. It was not without some gnashing of teeth and reaching for the seam ripper, either. There were some snafus along the way. But the finished product looks fantastic, and making 14 more of these beauties will be smooth sailing. (Always think positive!)

The "regular stuff" was from my end of the sewing room. I machine quilted another baby quilt. I had been putting it off until I got my own machine back from repair. I am such a novice at machine quilting, I didn't want to increase my wariness by using a machine that was new to me!

I now have added the binding and will be hand-stitching it down this week - probably later today.

There was some fun, too. The most enjoyable part of the quilting process - for me, anyway - is coming up with fabric for a new quilt. I happened up on a nice off-white and blue piece in my stash and my brain went immediately to a quilt I'd been longing to make for ages. Here, take a look.

The fabric on top was my "inspiration" and the two under will be what the pattern calls "navy" and "light blue."

And here is said pattern, called Toile; I am using a "close, but not quite" fabric instead of true toile.

It is from this book, an oldie but a goodie, called Quilt-Lovers Favorites, vol. 3. I have lots of sticky notes plastered into this book along with 3 other volumes on my shelf. I am excited to come up with these stash pieces for this quilt.
It is not on my 2013 goals list, but it will likely be added. I reallly want to make it, and it looks so easy: plain toile block, hourglass block, 9-patch block. How simple!! And setting triangles, but I am getting pretty good at those anymore, so that doesn't intimidate me at all.
Well, off to work on some binding.
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Your star block is a beauty, you will be a pro by the time you make 14 more. The center and borders look like a piece of cake compared to the stars. They really sparkle in this quilt. Like the Toile quilt also.


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