Friday, March 15, 2013

Keeping Promises

In several recent posts I have said that a future blog would cover this, that or the other thing. I find, in reviewing things, I have not followed through on those promises, however.

This post will be the first of the follow-through posts!

These are the fat quarters I bought at Creations.
I think this completes the collecting of bright fabrics for an upcoming baby quilt.

Chillicothe, the nearest large town close to me, and the town in which I taught for 30 years, is becoming quite a destination for quilters. We have 2 chain stores -- JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. We have had for 20 years or more, Creations Sew Clever. And our newbie is the growing and expanding Old Town Fabric Shop.

On Wednesday, I had some time to kill before my dentist's appointment to stop in to Creations. In recent emails from them, I knew that they were remodeling, so I was feeling the need to snoop. *grin*

Here are some pics featuring both the re-do and the fabrics and offering at Creations.

A really pretty fireplace in one of the front rooms. This shop is housed in a former funeral home in a very old building.

A colorful display of projects hangs just inside the front door, across from the check-out counter.

The entry hall used to house bunches and bunches of fabric - but while the reno is ongoing, things have been moved around just a bit. As you can imagine! ;)

This room is set aside for all the notions and rulers. Through that door you can tell that construction is in progress.

Need a quilt book? I think nearly every book on the market must be available here. The "library" room sure looks inviting! Rita Fishel, the owner, is an author herself!

I should have asked about this display piece. It looks very old, but I can't be sure. Both sides feature quilts - wonderful, finished quilts! What inspiration!

There is one entire room in the back - the classroom - that is finished, but my pic came out rather fuzzy. If you click on the shop's link, above, you will see better pictures than I have taken, anyway. The goal with the renovation is to improve lighting and brighten everything up, so the walls are all being painted and I think I heard one of the girls say that new carpet would be coming, too.

So, you out-of-towners! Come to Chillicothe! We have 4 great shops for you to enjoy, and some good restaurants to make your visit complete. Also, you could travel about 25 miles northwest and visit the Ben Franklin in Greenfield! What a lovely way to spend a day, right???

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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