Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A (Tiny) Bit of Stash Enhancement

Stash enhancement has been non-existent in the last year or two. I just came to a realization that I had so much already and the price was getting so high, I was wise to just use up the stash.

That said, I have taken tiny bites of the enhancement pie. I will occasionally buy some fat quarters, or some sale fabrics. Any bigger purchases are usually to finish something I have going from the stash or a back to use for a top I've done.

I would like to add one more category to my buying list: purchase is okay if it will work in a planned quilt on the Goals List.

On Friday, we Frankfort quilters went on a little field trip to Lebanon, OH, for a quilt show. We have gone to this one twice before, so we are old hands at finding our way around. I managed to find a few fabrics that I thought needed to come home with me.

On the list for 2013 is to make a yellow and gray quilt. I have seen this color combination showing up on Pinterest, not just in quilts, but in home decorating, as well. I found the 2 fabrics in the bottom portion of this picture in my stash.The darker grays and yellow at the top of the picture are what I bought Friday. They are all half-yard cuts.

This is what I mean about buying fabric that will enhance a planned projects. In other words, I am trying to eliminate "willy-nilly" purchases. I used to do A LOT of that, believe me!

Lest you think I am totally reformed from my "willy-nilly" days, the above Charm Packs would fall into that category. I have no intended quilt for these, and can think of no reason for having them other than I just really love this line. I have seen it used in quilts on the blogs, and I think these will be useful to me at some point, so I bought them. *sigh*

Well, peeps, I am working on another "procrastination buster" today. Pictures forthcoming!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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