Monday, March 11, 2013

Ideas to Infinity

It is almost impossible for me to focus lately! I have so many quilty ideas floating around in my head that it takes some serious effort to focus on just one. I read this blog a couple days ago, and she describes it perfectly. Take a minute to check it out, while I focus on what I want to say next...

News of a new baby - and first grandbaby - for dear friends of ours, I went immediately into baby quilt mode. I had several (understatement) quilts pinned on my Pinterest quilt board, and really wanted to make one that was super-bright and lively. As luck would have it, the mother-to-be leaned toward those same choices when she was looking for ideas.

So I started playing in the quilting room.

In my Kaffe stash, I knew I had left over squares, so I rooted around until I found them. Then I got busy making HSTs. They offer such versatility.

I like that variety. But, the baby is to be a girl, and so none of these will work! Consequently, the trip to  The Laughing Ewe on Friday was such a welcome little event.

But, instead of focusing on this, I need to be focusing on the red Confetti Stars, as it is so close to being finished. Then there's the Kaffe quilt that DD Erin picked out. Then the t-shirt quilt for DD Emma needs the binding stitched down.

So Quilters' ADD abounds! Off to the sewing room!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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