Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Sizeable Snowfall

We here in southern Ohio usually have at least a couple of good snowfalls each winter. However, this winter I have been thinking we were going to have to be satisfied with just some light 1-2" dustings. And that is really odd, because all around the midwest and the northeast, there have been monstrous snows this winter.

We finally have gotten ours with this recent weather event that went through here last night. And it is so pretty here this morning, I just have to record it.

This is the bench on our front sidewalk where I often photograph finished quilt tops. (I'm thinking DH will be painting porch railings this summer, from the looks of this!) Isn't the snow pretty?

This is our lilac bush on the east side of our house. I will try to take a  picture in the same spot when it is in bloom in a month or so.

Our lovely abode, nestled into the snow-laden trees that surround us. We built this house in 1992.  I never want to live any other place.

This is a shot of our backyard, but it is from an unusual angle. I am standing near the western-most corner looking east toward the shed. That bush just beyond the front of the shed is the lilac bush shown above. I like this picture because of the curved angle of the trees.

Steve was loving the snow. He frolicked and raced in circles just like a pup. And Steve is not a pup anymore.

Last one. I am in the woods behind our house. Kevin and Adam have spent a lot of time clearing out the undergrowth over the last year. I love how the snow is plastered to the sides of the tree trunks. Look through the trees and note the fence in the distance with the snow piled on the wires. Way cool. And the sound out here is incredible. Very hushed, with the wind gently swaying the snow-laden branches. Occasional little avalanches occur when the wind outweighs the balance of snow on branch. It is really wonderful.

Happy quilting, Friends!


  1. Beautiful thank you so much for sharing, we don't get that kind of snow in Arizona. Karen

  2. The snow is beautiful. Call me crazy but I miss it. You can take the girl out of Ohio but you can't take the buckeye out of the girl.

  3. That looks so beautiful, I can almost hear the silence! I did laugh though when you referred to 1" or 2" of snow as a light dusting. In the UK the whole country seems to grind to a total halt if we get that much!

  4. Beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing. We don't get snow in my part of Australia, or in many parts really! It is so beautiful, I'd like to experience it once. I can't imagine a landscape all one colour. Doesn't your dog just shine against the white! Your house is lovely. I'd love to build a house one day, one that I'd never want to move from. How lucky to be surrounded by woods too. Out here we'd be surrounded by farmland.


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