Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Girls Are Working On...

Many of my quilting friends have some pretty sweet projects underway; and I thought maybe you all would be interested in seeing some of them.

Sharon P. was over on Monday to continue working on her Roman Holiday Quilt called Three Coins. The center section is complete and she is ready to tackle making stars next Monday.

Seeing Sharon work with her Roman Holiday fabric is really having an effect on me! I cannot wait to get my stash out and get cracking on it! There are several projects ahead of it in the queue, however, so I must temper my eagerness.

This neatly organized work space belongs to Cherie. She drove down to Terry's yesterday from the Columbus areal. She is working on stash reduction. Impressive!

Those greens and neutrals will look great in this Primitive Gatherings quilt.

This was the best picture I got of Sheryll's prject. She worked on stitching the alphabet while we were together yesterday.

She had a show and tell which should interest you. That "task" of taking a pile of dull-colored men's shirts and turning them into a quilt has been accomplished -- and with great success, I might add!

I don't like how blurry this picture came out, so next time we are at Sheryll's perhaps I can get her to bring it out again so that I can try to show it in better form. I will fill in the back story, too, for those who don't remember it. Regardless, I think it is evident that she was totally able to brighten those boring shirts with her selection of red and blue. Those borders do quite a lot for it, too, don't you think??

Hostess Terry had out a UFO from last summer. The quilt will be a whopper, and will go on her bed next fall.

Just like Cherie, she had her assembly line set up, too. Aren't those plaids working well together? It will be a wonderfully warm addition to a chilly autumn night.

I'm not really thinking fall right now, though! We had such an enticingly warm weekend here, and Sunday afternoon, I saw these little darlings brightening a spot in our yard. Crocuses and hyacinths. What lovely harbingers of spring!

I will get back to what I am working on next time, so stay tuned! I am now off to the dentist's! Yikes!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. The projects do pile up, don't they!? I have some men's ties I want to make into a lapthrow one day, as well as my husband's old T-shirts to do the same with. Sorry to hear about all your problems recently! The sciatica is so painful! And then to have problems with your machine and to have to send it off. It's always something!


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