Saturday, March 23, 2013

Coffee and Quilting

Yesterday morning we Frankfort gals met at Sheryll's for our regular Friday session. Every other Friday--does that make it bi-monthly? An old English teacher ought to know this, but for some reason it seems off. Oh, well, I digress...
We were all a-twitter about our projects, and just you wait and see what all they have been working on! There is so much that I plan to stretch it out over the next few posts. You will come back to check, won't you?
Here are the things our needles were busy on yesterday.

Terry was busy stitching down the binding on this fall-themed table topper/wall  hanging. Very pretty, both its colors and its meander stippling.

I have shown this project of Sheryll's before, but I didn't get a good, clear shot. So this better highlights the work she is doing on this wall-hanging/table topper; it's Alphabet Song by Threads That Bind. Sheryll is a master when it comes to embroidery. Her stitches are spot-on.

JoAnn was working on binding this wall-hanging. I think I have shown this project before, also, but I don't think I have given any particulars. It is selected parts of the Mrs. Lincoln's Sampler. The parts she omitted are the appliqued parts.

Sharon was also doing some hand-embroidery. What delicate work! This is called Blue Hydrangea by Primitive Gatherings.

My project was finishing up the quilting on this little doll quilt I made back in January or February in the quilt-along with Humble Quilts. I still love this little thing, so I am glad I am devoting some time to quilting it.

What on earth?!? Let me explain...A few weeks ago, or maybe longer, Sharon told us about these cherry-flavored M&Ms that were only available at Christmas time and Valentine's. None of the rest of us had every heard of it, so she brought us a little container to sample. Whoa! These are delicious! It is something you just have to taste - I suppose the closest thing I can think of is chocolate-covered cherries, but these are better, IMO.
I have a couple of show-and-tell items for you to enjoy; one came from Sheryll. This is the basket table runner we made at Mary's barn about a month ago. I got pictures of mine and Terry's but not Sheryll's. So that bit of old business can be removed from the agenda. now.

I have found a little gem on Pinterest, and have made a prototype. It is a lip balm carrier that can be hooked onto a key chain or a purse strap, or anything really. I am envisioning cyclists using something like this when they don't want to carry a bag or anything of any size. Fun to make, and it only takes a D-ring, and two strips of 2"x9" fabric. Sweet!
Okay, so you promise you will be back tomorrow for some lusciousness? Quilt lusciousness, that is. The girls who went on that guild retreat brought home some beauties.
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Would love the link to the lip gloss pocket or a tutorial would be great too. :D

  2. Everyone's work is just wonderful! I just love getting together with a small group of friends! I did so back in Va and my Mom still attends the Bee we had there once a month. Always fun to see everyone's work, and to have a show-and-tell of my own!

  3. Those M&Ms sound wonderful. Chocolate and cherries - yummy.


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