Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Daring Venture

Friday morning was our regularly scheduled Frankfort Girls sewing, and this was my turn to hostess. After all the sewing room cleaning I'd been doing, my goal was to have it clean and orderly enough that I would take them up to see it.

And I did. Aren't I a daring gal?

Of course, everyone was very complimentary, as anyone would be, but I think they were entirely sincere. I know I still have things to address, piles to sort and labels to make - that sort of thing; but I really do find that I am more productive now that I have a clean space, so I am very proud of it.

On with our Friday morning projects. Terry and I were slugs - neither of us worked on sewing. She was going to have to leave early, and I sorted a stack of miscellaneous paper, patterns, notes, and whatnot.

For several of our last get-togethers, Jan has been working on a year's worth of table runners for her newly married daughter. There will be 6 reversible table runners. The two shown above are the two sides of the first one to be (nearly) completed. Fun, aren't they? She was stitching binding while we visited on Friday.

JoAnn was stitching binding as well. She had finished this panel for a boy to race cars and trucks on. She is looking quite smug behind that quilt, isn't she? Or ornery, perhaps?

Sheryll continues to applique this gorgeous table topper for her autumn table. My picture does not show the fine detail of her stitching; she is mostly done and now says she needs to focus on the stitching on the pumpkins. Such a lovely topper.

So that is all. We had a nice visit to see Kevin's dad; watched the Buckeyes with him and brother Mike and sister Kellie. I am continuing my work on place mats. Have a second set nearly finished.

I hope your Sunday is wonderful!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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