Thursday, October 8, 2015

Making Place Mats

At Ohio One Stop last Friday, I was inspired by a project I saw. I didn't study it closely, or anything, but for whatever reason I found myself thinking about it as I began this week.

Place mats.

Wasn't on my radar - at all - but I have had 4 fat quarters of some really pretty panels for a very long time, and place mats are the perfect use for them.

Here's my interpretation of what they'll look like. First, take a look at the selvage - Hampon (?) Garden by The Alexander Henry Collection. What you can't see is the date - 1994. Good grief. Yes, I have had these panels that long. And, my, haven't selvages changed in the last 20 years?

This is a more complete look at this particular panel.

I pulled several fabrics from the fat quarter drawers (freshly organized in the recent sewing room cleaning). Auditions.

I cut the fat quarter panels in fourths, and built up the sides and top and bottom as shown in this photo.

Instead of going ahead with finishing this set of 4, I went on with the other three panels. At this point, all 16 place mats are at this stage. My job today is to finish them off. I will be sure to bring you pics.

Why am I doing so many place mats? I agreed to set up a vending table at a Christmas Bazaar next month in Greenfield. I'm getting some things ready for shoppers!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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