Saturday, October 31, 2015


There will be no ghosts or goblins in my activities today. Nope. I have other plans.

Today, I will be teaching an all-day class at Spark Creative Artspace in Greefield. Participants will make a 50"-square quilt top using 3 Charm Packs. Hopefully there will be 7 students--that's how many have indicated they are coming. We shall see.

I've made 4 of these quilts finished to various stages of completion, so that I can have examples to show. The one that is least complete (shown at the bottom) is the one I will sew on if time permits throughout the day.

This is my first effort, a baby quilt for a wee one recently born. I will get this finished for her after this class.

This was my second effort made with some Barbara Brackman fabrics. I tried to write my instructions as I made this quilt.

I taught the class in September to a beginning quilter; this is her quilt top in some vivid primary colors.

While Claudia sewed hers, I worked on a third one. I have just the center portion done, and have left it that way so I can talk about adding the inner border. These fabrics are by French General and 3 Sisters, if I remember correctly.

And yesterday, I  took 3 well-aged Charm Packs of Aviary and sewed just part of the quilt top together. That will give me a different demonstration point to use, if necessary.

It will be an exciting day of quilting today.

Don't forget to stop over at the Bloggers' Quilt Festival sponsored by Amy's Creative Side. I've entered my Long Road Home quilt in the Hand Quilting category. If you have not voted yet, I invite you to head on over there to show me a little love. You could also get friends and relatives to vote, too, as I have some stiff competition, according to the numbers I saw yesterday.

Hope you have an awesome Saturday!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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