Monday, October 5, 2015

Ohio One Stop

I mentioned last week that I would be attending Ohio One Stop being held at Dayton's Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State. It was a fun day with the Frankfort girls.

And you all did your part by holding the spending fairies at bay. I did make a couple of small-ish purchases, but for the most part, I exercised considerable restraint, thankfully.

I didn't have a shopping list.  But through all the perusing, I found some things that I knew I could use. So I went back to get what you see above.

The Soft and Stable will be used in the Mondo Bag I am soon to be teaching to a woman here locally. I will let you know how I like it afterwards. I have been doing a pretty good job lately of making labels for my quilts, so I bought a fresh perma-pen with a fine point. My old one was worn out. And, sigh, I bought a Jelly Roll of the newest Minick and Simpson line called Polka Dots and Paisleys. I have been so enamored with this line, and I'm seeing it on a lot of blogs. I'd heard that our LQS, Old Town Fabrics, carried the entire line, so I bought this jelly roll from their booth. (How nice of them to meet me in Dayton for a fabric sale!) The beauty is, if I find that I need yardage of any of this, I can just zip over to Chillicothe to get it. I am very glad to finally get my hands on some of this fabric.

There were signs on the doors asking attendees to refrain from taking pictures, so I did try to honor that request. I have above, then, just general shots of the aisles and the crowds. Through my visiting and perusing - and limited buying - I did speak with a couple of vendors. The gals at Valley Quilts out of Trenton, Ohio, were very nice and super helpful. I believe that is where I bought the Soft and Stable and the perma-pen. They gave me a couple of hints on using the batting/stiffener and pointed out one or two of their display bags that were made using it.

Back Door Quilts had two things going for it - they had the first booth as guests entered the facility. And they had a Tuffet on display, which appeared to be the talk of the show. People were flocking to see their demo and to ask questions about it. You can see their booth in the picture just above. Jan and JoAnn of our Frankfort group have both made Tuffets (see post here), and Jan is even teaching a class this week to several women from the Circleville guild. Back Door Quilts is located in Greenwood, IN. They had a full booth - both in merchandise and in shoppers.

Finally, I will plug our local shop, Old Town Fabric Shop. Cindy and Kelly do such a fantastic job of staying current with their merchandise. They are just the sweetest mother-daughter duo you'd ever want to meet. I highly recommend a trip to Chillicothe to see all that they have to offer. And if you can't make the trip, they do a huge mail-order business, so check out their on-line shop. They are Bernina dealers, so they really are a full-service shop with lots and lots of fabrics.

It was a fun day - I bought just enough to keep me satisfied and I filled a couple of needs. Spending time with Terry, Sheryll, JoAnn and Jan always makes for a lot of sharing and, yes, silliness. Quilt shows give us a chance to re-energize and re-focus on the projects awaiting us back home.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. when i went to Chattanooga quilt show one of the vendors ask me not to take pictures but the rest where ok with it. That man said he had had people steel his patterns that way! So i didn't take any of his


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