Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Brown Bear Quilt

Those of you with grandchildren know the urge to make your grandkids quilts, I'm sure. My friend Sharon was over yesterday to sew, and her machine was whirring away on this adorable Brown Bear, Brown Bear quilt. A certain grandson is going to be thrilled unwrapping this on Christmas morning.

It was a UFO, Sharon said. I do recall her working on those bears' paws blocks several months ago. She invented this as she went. Here is a shot of various strips laid out across the chair in the sewing room.

I just love it, and I can see the joy Sharon takes in making this for her grandson. It's a happy quilt, for sure.

By late afternoon, it was ready to be laid out on the guest bed. At this point, Sharon was satisfied with the width of the quilt, but had decisions to make about the length. She handled that by adding a top and bottom border of the large panel with the animals. You can see her finished top below.

Productivity! That's the goal with our Tuesday sewing sessions, for sure. We keep one another motivated!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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