Thursday, October 15, 2015

Claudia Quilts!!

Isn't it fun introducing people to quilting? I had the opportunity to meet Claudia last March when she signed up for the hand-quilting class I offered at Spark! Creative Spaces in Greenfield. She was most enthusiastic, and had questions galore! Click here and here to read about the Spark! class.

Of the 5 students in that Spark! class, Claudia has remained steadfast in her interest. She was over about a month ago to make the Three Charms Quilt that I taught. Lo and behold, just a week or so ago, she contacted me about machine quilting it - and so we are!

Here is Claudia's quilt the day she made it - back in September some time. Click here to read about that day.

This is a long introduction just to show you pictures from Tuesday.

 I had some gripper gloves for Claudia to use, and for a time she used them, but ultimately ended up going without them.  You can see that her machine is an older  model; I was surprised at how easily she was able to get a walking foot for it.

We did just the center in the "stitch-in-the-ditch" fashion. She will be back today for finishing off the borders and binding and then we will start the Mondo Bag. Class will begin shortly, so I'd better get busy!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Very fun indeed. And gratifying too! She made a beautiful quilt. I particularly like the stripe border.


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