Friday, October 23, 2015

What I Did Yesterday

Short and sweet today, Peeps. Gotta' get out of here and off to a morning meeting followed by a noon-ish meeting.

I finished stitching these Christmas ornaments made from the work shirts I've been working with to make quilts for a commission job I was finishing. (An unwieldy sentence; sorry!) More on that job later, as it is a story for which I want to do justice. Mustn't do it in a hurry.

I read this book. And this I did do in a hurry. It is a fantastic read, and it solidifies my previously held notion that I simply love historical fiction. This is set in France during WWII, and a more tragic story I have not read in ages. But so well told. I read every word of this book in about 20 hours, with a few breaks here and there, of course.

I'm off to my meetings!
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Beautiful christmas ornaments!

  2. I read The Nightingale, too, and loved it. It was so good I couldn't bring myself to begin another book for a week. What other books have you been reading?


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