Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bloggers' Quilt Festival

Being a beginner at something always leaves one a bit clueless and somewhat at a disadvantage.

I am pleading such ignorance about the way this quilt festival works. Apparently voting is going on now for just the Viewer's Choice Award. So go to Amy's Creative Side and click on the tab at the top for Bloggers' Quilt Festival. Look at all the quilts and make a special effort to see the quilts in the Hand Quilted category, as my Long Road Home is entered there.

If you just happen to think this is worthy of Viewer's Choice, then you can click here to nominate it. Of course, if you want to nominate a different one, that is okay, too. I have no grand illusions about winning millions in cash and prizes. *ha!* Actually, you can nominate 3 quilts, so maybe mine would do?

There are gobs of quilts to look at and the inspiration will send you scrambling to get busy on your own fantastic projects!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. This is a wonderful quilt! The warm colors and scrappy comfort, and hand quilted to top it off! So glad you have joined in the fun of the Festival!!! :)

  2. Marnel, You are a no-reply commenter, so I hope you get this answer to our question.

    The pattern is called Long Road Home. Somewhere back in the archives, I have a picture of the pattern. I forget the designer's name/company.


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