Sunday, October 25, 2015

Christmas On My Mind??

We have a week of October remaining, yet I find that I am doing a post today about Christmas. The stores begin their Christmas marketing as soon as the back-to-school items have been cleared away, so I guess we quilters can plan ahead a bit, as well.

When we quilted Friday morning at Terry's, three of the group were binding things. The only one I took a picture of was Jan's. It is a Christmas quilt which she told us originated as a kit.

I share three pictures not because of the extreme beauty of Jan's quilt - although it it quite stunning. I share because of the antics of Terry's dogs, Millie, the darker one, and her pup Cooper. They couldn't get enough! I seriously believe they were of the opinion - if dogs have opinions - that this was their new play mat or something.

So, if you can look away from the dogs and check out the quilt, you will notice that a Christmas plaid is used in those Jacob's Ladder blocks. All of us thought this plaid was a great option for the quilt, and one that we would not have considered. It truly is a beauty.

I worked on this POTC block. It, too, is made with Christmas fabrics, and heaven only knows what I will do with it, but it's nearly finished. I have amassed about 6 of these completed POTC blocks now - none of the others are Christmas. What will I ever do with them?

Joining in on the Quilt Festival (mentioned in yesterday's post) has introduced me to so many nice quilters from all over the place. The network grows! I had fun yesterday answering emails and finding new blogs - which means access to more inspiration.  *wink*

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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