Thursday, October 29, 2015

More Bazaar Work

When I agreed to set up a table at the local holiday bazaar coming up on November 7, I made a mental goal to try to make at least one thing a day between then and the day of the bazaar. That was about a month of inventory-building.

There have been several days when I've not made anything, but there have been more days where I've made lots. Yesterday, I worked on a few kitchen towels.

This one required a bit of embroidery work. Most did not. Embroidery is not one of my fortes, honestly, but I have done a bit of it over the years. Since these shapes had already been fused to the towel (when did I DO that???), I decided to finish it and use it for the bazaar.

I need advice on how to price items and how to "market" myself - these are areas in which I don't feel especially confident. Maybe I will get it figured out.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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