Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Claudia Finishes Her Three Charms Quilt

On Monday and Thursday of last week, Claudia was here to finish the machine quilting on her Three Charms quilt. She worked on her own machine on Monday, but I had her move to my newer Bernina towards the end of our Thursday session. I believe I have sold her on the idea of getting a newer machine. Her vintage 60s model Singer sews just fine, but for the quilting that she wants, and the ease of use, I think she agreed that the newer machine is preferrable.

While she finished quilting, I prepped her binding. The we trimmed up and after some weighing of pros and cons, I did the binding by machine and it was done! Take a look at her finish.

Here's our proud quilter, showing off her first official quilt finish. It has its imperfections, but all in all, it really does look awesome. And to think that Claudia is so new at this. She is really a trooper when it comes to jumping in and trying. Nothing intimidates her.

We are working out plans for future sessions, and I believe she has a friend who might tag along. Excellent!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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