Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Finish! Plan C

I have finally put the finishing touches on Plan C, a quilt that is as super-easy to make as it is super-fun! The directions are the clearest, most easy to follow of any quilt I've ever made. I did not use the seam ripper once! That's saying something! *grin*

Plan C, a pattern by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company, is made here with Park Avenue, an old line of fabric from Three Sisters/Moda. I had a layer cake of it and some additional yardage. The background fabric is an old, old, old Jinny Beyer.

So now I am experiencing this really weird feeling of not being sure of what I want to work on next. Too many options sometimes leaves me inert. Wish I didn't have that tendency. I am headed up to the sewing room to work out some options.

Tomorrow I will share with you the details of the lovely day I've had today. A dear old friend and former student (class of '83!) came down from Columbus for a day of stitching. It was delightful! 


  1. Is the name really "Plan C" ? Seems boring. But isn't it great to get old fabric moving, unless you can't bear to part with them.

  2. Really pretty! Very bright and patriotic! Glad it was so easy to put together! It doesn't look it. :-)


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