Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revisiting 25 Things To Do...

Back in  early January, I posted a blog in which I was admonishing myself for wasting so much time on ridiculous internet games. I titled it 25 Things To Do ...

I have been in a bit of a quandary for a couple of days wondering what I want to start on next. There are SO many things to start, that I find I am not starting anything! To hopefully get myself back on track, I thought I'd look back on that January list and assess how well I've done in 6-7 months at tackling the list.

Take a look:

1. Sew buttons on DS's shorts and pants. DONE.
2. Finish hand-quilting brown/pink quilt. NO.
3. Put Civil War patterns from last year's Brackman quilt-along into sleeves and binder. NO.
4. Finish hand-quilting Schnibbles. FINISHED ONE; NEARLY FINISHED A SECOND.
5. Make book covers. MADE ONE.
6. Work on Wendy's pillow. NO.
7. Work on Robin's pillow. NO.
8. Sew batik leftover strips into a quilt top. MADE ONE QUILT TOP; HAVE A 2ND STARTED.
9. Make Farmer's Wife block(s). NO.
10. Make Civil War block(s). NO.
11. Stitch decorative designs on white jacket. NO.
12. Finish curtain for closet. NO.
13. Make little book bags for twins. DONE.
14. Cut out blue/beige quilt. DONE, AND THE QUILT TOP IS DONE.
15. Cut out floral stars quilt. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS IS.
16. Cut out Thimbleberries red, gold, blue quilt. NO.
17. Cut out red and white quilt. NO.
18. Cut out pastel triangle quilt. DONE, AND THE QUILT TOP IS DONE.
19. Finish Adam's t-shirt quilt. NO.
20. Work on Lone Star quilt. HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS STEADILY.
21. Begin Pink Lemonade doll quilt-along. QUILT TOP DONE.
22. Clean off sewing room dresser. DONE.
23. Finish 5-pointed star quilt. NO.
24. Get a package ready to send to Amie for her postage stamp quilt. HAVE ONE READY.
25. Work on Mom's signature quilt. COMPLETED AND DELIVERED.

Score: Done 12; Not done 12; Unknown: 1.

That's exactly 50%, if my math serves me correctly. I have had some productivity, at least. I am a bit concerned about item #15. I honestly do not know what quilt I was thinking about. I suppose I could figure it out. Stay tuned, for I will definitely let you know if I figure it out!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I would say 50% done by July is good. Seems very productive.


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