Monday, July 9, 2012

More Quilt Camp Wrap Up

Maybe you've heard about our extensive storm damage and subsequent power outages here in southern Ohio. In fact, most of you probably lost your power longer than we did. We were fortunate that our outage was just 3 hours. Many in the area were without for days, some more than a week. Couple that loss of electricity with the extraordinary heat wave we have had, and I can tell you people were miserable! I was counting my blessings that we had our a/c!

Well, in addition to losing power, some of our quilt campers lost internet service. Consequently, I just last evening received a batch of Day 5 pictures and some more finishes!! My dear friend Kay, the original organizer of our yearly camps, has sent along 25 pics, of which I will share just a few. You can click here to see the earlier wrap-up.  To see all the 2012 Quilt Camp posts, just enter 2012 Quilt Camp into the search box over there to the right.

Sit back and enjoy the show!

Sherrie's mother, Pat, made tremendous progress on her quilt. She began with charm packs and jelly rolls. By eliminating the cutting, she was able to zip right along to a fabulous finish!

This is Kay's Tag Sale, complete with sashing, a variation from the original pattern. It looks great. Remember this is to be a gift for a baby boy, so the baseball-themed fabric and blue sashing/borders work really well.

Sharon R., if you recall, was our new-to-quilting camper. She finished her Potato Chip quilt, and it has already been quilted by a local longarm gal, and Sharon is ready to bind it! Well done! I think we have a new quilter joining our ranks!!

Georgia just plugged away all week on her embriodery blocks. The machines that do this embroidery are fascinating; the work they can produce is just incredible.

Here's a close-up shot of the block she was holding in the photo above. Here are some of the other blocks she's using in this quilt.

It's going to be a great-looking quilt, no doubt about it.

I have already shared a pic of Betty's Grinch quilt, but this might be a better shot of it.

And here's Anita's Log Cabin quilt. I really like how she chose to set the blocks together. There are so many variations one can choose with Log Cabin blocks, but this seems just right.

Linda has camped with us before, but she and I were never attending on the same day at the same time this year, so I missed her completely! Here she is at work on a Comfy Care quilt for a neighbor who is Amish. The fabrics are solids, just like the Amish would use for their quilts.

Another quilter I completely missed was Kelly, co-owner of our new quilt shop in town, Old Town Fabric Shop. She came to work on this intricately-pieced quilt. She teaches some classes at her shop, so maybe this is one that will soon be offered?? Looks like a pleasing variety of reproduction fabrics in this! I have to tell you, Kelly was a student of mine, and now she's a quilting pal. I knew she had potential way back in junior English!! *lol*

One quilt that is being taught at Old Town is this one, Amish With a Twist. Pat is taking the class and spent some time working on her homework so that her teacher wouldn't be disappointed in her!! Fun, fun!!

I will add this one last picture, not because of the finishes, but because it's just so cool to see the variety lined up side by side there on the design wall. Anita's Log Cabins, Betty's Grinch, and Sherrie's stars. Wow. Just wow.

Okay, barring any further emails of pics of quilt camp, I think that might just wrap up this wrap-up!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. It must be great fun to see everything coming together at the end of the week. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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