Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visiting (And Sewing) With Amie

On Tuesday, I had a most lovely day. A dear old friend from back in the early 1980s had contacted me about getting together for a day of sewing. What makes this unique is that she was a student of mine in the 1980s, and her mother was my son's babysitter for that school year. We had a wonderful teacher-student relationship, but as she moved on to working, marriage, and motherhood, our contact was for the most part limited to Christmas cards.

I always knew she was one of those crafty gals, so it was no surprise to me when I learned that she had taken up quilting.

I have spoken of Amie here on the blog before. If you've followed very closely for any amount of time,  you may recall a certain postage stamp quilt. That's Amie! She contacted me a few years back asking for scraps that she could cut 1.5" squares for her project, one that she would devote years to completing. Her plan was, from the very beginning, to make blocks as she had scraps. Her original goal was to never repeat a fabric, but I think she's since given that up. Here is a link to a past post about Amie's postage stamp quilt. In that link there are a couple of others you can click for the full and complete story.

Enough of the talking; let's look at some pictures!!

Her project bin full of completed blocks.

One of the 15 blocks Amie has completed. Look at how straight and perfect all those intersections are!! Impressive.

And another one. Won't it look grand when finished? I looked closely and found a few of the fabrics I sent her. I've also had a couple of quilting friends leave me with scraps that I've sent along. She took a chubby little bag full home with her on Tuesday, too.

So, I am pressed for time, therefore I will just post some pics of the remaining highlights of the day.

Amie worked on this pile of blocks for a quilt called Cathedral Window.

And another. All homespun plaids, and wonderfully scrappy. It will look great when finished!

Also in her project bag was this kit, purchased at the 2011 Amish Shop Hop held last fall here in Ohio's Amish Country. A few of the blocks she has completed are...

Happy, aren't they? It's gonna' look great.

With both of these quilts, I hope I can get pictures of them when finished to showcase here. Keep that in mind, Amie, as you complete these!!

I'll end with dessert. (Perfect ending!) Amie brought dessert, and this delicious and sinfully rich chocolate cake is one she found on Pinterest. It was wonderful. I should have had mine with coffee, darn it. It was nearly 100 degrees on Tuesday, so coffee didn't seem feasible, but as I look at this picture, I'm thinking, yeah, it would've been fine...oh well.

Thanks, Amie, for the wonderful day! I really mean it when I say we have to do this more regularly! I look forward to it!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I particularly love the Amish country squares. What a lovely day of getting together with an old friend! (Quilting and eating chocolate--who could ask for more!?)


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