Monday, July 30, 2012

My First 9-Patch Criss Cross

I beg your pardon for a wee "untruth" I told a few posts back. I mentioned that I'd made this pattern once before using 2 fabrics. Well, now that I've taken it out to photograph, I realize that I used 3. (4 if you count the backing) So with that correction out of the way, here is my first go at 9-Patch Criss Cross.

Since I don't have a label on it, I will have to guess at a construction date. I will estimate that I made this in 2002 or 2003. I bought most, if not all, of the fabric from a shop in Wilmington that was going out of business. My grandmother was with me when I bought it. She ended up quilting this for me, too, Can you see her trademark cable down the border? The dark blue looks like a solid, but there is a pattern in there; it's been laundered many times, so it has a well-loved and much-used look to it.

I intend to give this to my son at some point. I put it on his bed after he left for college, but I did not send it to college with him! (I learned a hard lesson when DD took a quilt to college with her!)

I am staying busy with the hand quilting, and since I have not taken my machine to be serviced yet, I am joining rows on my second 9-Patch Criss Cross.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Beautiful! And what a great memory to have of your grandmother. I love the backing plaid! :-) Have a happy week!

  2. Love blue and the backing and binding. I sent both kids to college with quilts. My son even has a new quilt on his bed in his barracks.


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