Friday, July 13, 2012

Your Input Would Be Appreciated

A few days ago I was stash-diving, and came across a piece of fabric that I have become somewhat enamored with. I do not remember buying this fabric, and sadly, I have only 1 yard.

This is it, and even with my limited use of Photoshop, I cannot get the background color to look the way it looks for real, which is a greener blue than this. It's a Nancy Gere fabric from Windham called Harpers Ferry.

And so, I am asking for advice. I need ideas on how to use this 1 yard of pretty fabric. I have some options for companion fabrics.

At first, I was thinking I'd do a 2-color quilt using this Robin Pandolph fabric. Don't these 2 look great together?

The color of the floral looks a bit more true in this shot; not as blue. 

There is a neutral that I would throw into the mix, if a 3-color quilt is the way I decide to go. It is a P&B Textiles fabric called Apple Cider.

And, if I were to want to go with 4 fabrics, I even have that. This is a Marcus Brothers fabric by Faye Burgos.

I did the least editing on this picture, and it actually is the closest to the correct color for the main floral. Weird.

So, the problem is that the fabric I like best is the fabric with the least yardage. I have not measured out the other 3, but there is definitely more than 1 yard.

I had the thought that I'd do a strippy quilt and use the floral as the strip, and make blocks - say churn dash - out of the light and medium fabrics. That'd result in a soft, low contrast quilt. By adding the dark fabric, I will lose that romantic floral look, but I'd still be pleased with the results, I think.

So, quilty friends, how would you proceed?

Happy Quilting!


  1. I like the four fabrics together the best but can't think of a pattern to use. Somehow it doesn't look like churn dash to me. At first thought I didn't care for the green you tossed in and then I realized that was the cutting mat------silly me. You have some great fabrics in your stash, you'll come up with something awesome.

  2. At the risk of sounding like a walking advert, have you looked in my book? I reckon you could make the Stars at the Crossroads pattern, using the floral as the feature fabric.

  3. I would suggest going with something that highlights the background color in the yard of fabric that you found. You said it is a grey-green? That could easily be paired with something that picks up the sage in the leaves of that pattern. The browns and coffees bring it down a bit; they make it heavier and you lose contrast, as you mentioned. The light blue-grey and sage colors bring it up... perhaps more of a "Spring" palette would be best? A few contrasty pieces of deep olive or deep plummy-burgundy would offset the found fabric nicely and make the colors pop.

  4. Just ignore the flowers and match the background. Should look like a spring quilt before everything blooms.

    Sandy shoe

  5. I think a pattern where the floral can be cut into larger squares and surrounded by the other fabs would look good. it would accentuate the pretty floral. or floral large triangles matched with the smaller fabs triangles. it will come to you sooner or later. the quilt will "speak".


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