Monday, July 2, 2012

Yes, We Have Quilt Camp Day 5!

A gi-normous thank you goes out to Anita, one of Quilt Camp's faithful, for sending me pics of the Friday finishes! Anita, I am forever indebted!

I am, quite frankly, blown away at the amazing finishes of our 2012 quilters. Sometimes it seems like we do more visiting than sewing, but these pictures prove otherwise!

Look at Anita's progress! If you could have seen the pile of blocks she began the week with, you would honestly not believe that this could be accomplished. They were so wonky, and made of such diverse fabrics - I am certain I would have returned the entire thing to the bag it arrived in and stuffed it in a closet never to be thought of again! Anita, I admire your fortitude and hard work! You've taken an ugly duckling and turned it into a beauty!

Sherrie had constructed two vertical rows. I keep gushing about this quilt and how much I love it, but it's true! This is one spectacular-looking quilt! I hope that I'm around to get a picture of the finished quilt. Won't the bride-to-be be the luckiest gal??

This is Suzi's project. She was so enamored with Sharon R's quilt called Potato Chip that she began one of her own! And I know for a fact that Suzi did not begin this until Thursday because I bought her the green print at my local shop on Wednesday evening. Talk about a fast, easy and satisfying quilt! Great job, Suzi!

This is Betty's Grinch quilt. Look back to Day 1's post to see this spread out on a table, freshly cut. Super productivity, Betty! What a fun quilt to have ready for the holidays!

This quilt of Kay's is a complete surprise to me! I did not know that she was planning to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt, yet here she is, showing off a gorgeous finish!

Here is another shot of Kay's quilt, with borders added. These race quilts look like such fun - Sharon P has made 2, now Kay has one; I need to make one!

Well, this has been great. Just about everyone finished something! I still hope to get a picture of Pat's finish. Also Sharon P. Also Sharon R. Also Georgia. And I will try to stay abreast of Sherrie's beautiful stars.

So stay tuned, quilters. We WILL finish our wrap-up one of these days!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. What amazing progress. It must be great to see piles of fabrics/blocks/whatever at the beginning of the week then see what they've grown into by the end of your camp.


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