Saturday, July 7, 2012

July's Lone Star

Honestly, where is the year 2012 going? It just can't be that 7 months have zipped by already! And June, I think, went the fastest of all! The year of the Lone Star will be over in the blink of an eye!

In this past month, I have done nothing more to my version of Lone Star, called Bursting Star, than to fold it and hang it in the closet. If you care to recollect where I left things at our June meeting, click here and here. Basically, I had finished the quilt top - the flimsy - but I knew it was poorly done, and I was not ready to face the prospect of "unsewing" some of those seams.

Avoidance, I believe it what the psychologists would call it.

Hopefully the rest of you Lone Star gals are making better progress than I! I have just checked in to Sue's blog, and I see that she has had success with her set-in seams. Bravo!!! I knew you had it in you, Sue!! Well done!!

Sue is our hostess this month, and you'll find a Mr. Linky at her site. Why not pop on over there, sign in, and leave me to my my pressing.

Yes, I will take the plunge and press my Bursting Star. I will assess whether or not there needs to be some "fixing." Maybe, just maybe, I will decide to leave it as it is and hope that my long arm quilter can work some magic on all those lumpy spots.

Sue took the plunge on her set-in seams. I will not be outdone, Sue!! I am going to take the plunge on pressing this flimsy. I must face the music!


  1. Good morning. I've now done 7 of my 8 inset pieces and am feeling a bit smug. I'll press, then do photos on my blog. Look forward to seeing yours again.


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