Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lone Star - July Update

I dragged out the ironing board.

The folded flimsy came out of the closet.

I took a deep breath and pressed. Used lots of Best Press. Said a few curse words under my breath. Wrote practice blog posts in my head about this quilt top. The pictures are not pretty, but read on, if you must...

This pic was taken before pressing.

This is a different point, taken after pressing.

And here is Bursting Star, pressed, and spread out on the bed. Hmmm...she has a few issues, doesn't she?

Places like this are too plentiful. So I am pondering what to do. I think I will send a long email to the quilter I want to work on this, and get her input. She does this for a business, and has produced some beautiful quilts. She may have the expertise to control my out-of-control wonkiness. I will consider "unsewing" a few seams, but I don't think I am interested in a massive re-do.

I sound disappointed in my results, but truly, I think I am okay with a less than stellar result. I began this quilt over 20 years ago when I was much too inexperienced to tackle such a project. I think I knew when I shoved it in it's 20-year-bin that this would be the outcome. Back then, I wouldn't have known how to proceed. Today, older and wiser and more experienced, I am not freaking out that I've got an Ugly Duckling on my hands. Rather I am glad for all that I've learned over the years, and grateful for the opportunity to finish a UFO.

Enough about my Bursting Star! Let's focus on all the fabulous quilts that are coming together in our little quilt-along! Did you click on Sue's Mr. Linky entrants? Isn't it grand seeing these beautiful quilts? The diversity is worth noting, too. From the bluest blues to black and white to lovely reds and tans to an amazing yard sale find, we have come a long way since January! Good job, one and all!


  1. I think this is just beautiful! I am sure your LA can do something spectacular with it. It all comes out in the quilting- lol

  2. There shouldn't need a complete redo, just some inset seam attention to get the squares to lay as flat as the rest of it. It is beautiful, just needs a little attention so they can get it quilted just as beautifully as the piecing.

  3. I agree that maybe a little unsewing and resewing of the inset points might be all that's needed. Failing that, you could always make another one!!!!

  4. I think your quilter has plenty of tips and tricks for dealing with problem issues, and it is my guess that everything you see as awful (except the spots that you think you'll tend to) will "quilt out". As a quilt is never really "flat" after piecing.

    Hey you know it's not a show quilt. It's a finish, call it splendid and get it quilted.


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