Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Update

A little addendum to the previous post concerning Ohio's Olympic participants. I knew I'd heard about others, and it turns out there are more. These are affiliated with Ohio State but aren't necessarily from (as in born and raised) Ohio.

Check out this neat site to read more about it!

I have done a good bit of hand quilting on my pink and brown quilt. I mostly just have the borders left to do. My fingers are very sore and raw. Will have to pace myself!

I have had this quilt in this frame for nearly 2 years. I only work on it for History Day, an annual event sponsored by our local historical society. Since the next History Day is coming up in October, I think I need to be working on a different quilt, so this one needs to come out of the frame. Plus it takes up an awful lot of room in the the sewing room. I've just decided that finishing it while watching the Olympics is THE thing to do!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Like your pink and brown quilt. I have done this simple pattern in several colorways and I always like the way it turn out, I like the optical illusion that it creates. I'm a born and raised2 Ohio girl, will have to check that web site out.


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