Monday, July 23, 2012

Unexpected Shopping Trip

It happened last Thursday, when we sewed at Terry's. You read about that in the previous post. So, what I teased you with was the fabulous fabric find on said shopping trip!!

I have wanted this fabric for simply ages. I suppose I first saw it when the gals at Old Town Fabrics first displayed their Generals' Wives Quilt. What a great quilt. I opted not to sign up for the BOM club they were offering, but I really wanted to get my hands on that background fabric!!

Of course, the fabric had to be held back for the BOMmers, so I waited. Patiently. Oh. So. Patiently. That patience paid off on Thursday when I laid my eyes on 4 fat quarters of that exact fabric! Then when I exclaimed my excitement, Cindy (or was it Kelly) told me that there was a bolt of it on the shelf!

Squeals of delight!!

The bolt had 1.5+ yards, and I took it all, thank you very much! When finishing a bolt, they give a 10% discount!! Whoo-hoo!

Just in case you need a bit more eye candy, here is a pic taken from Windham Fabrics' website of the Generals' Wives quilt. It is amazing.

That's all! I looked at a lot of other fabrics, but finding this was all I wanted. There's something about putting oneself on a stash-reducing diet, and then finding the one fabric that has been long-desired. I have been really good about limiting my fabric purchases lately - for most of a year, actually. I've used a lot from the stash which was my intent. This small increase in the stash will be enough to satisfy my "need," I think. It's like allowing yourself a (very limited) sweets splurge after faithful, long-term dieting.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Oh that fabric is stunning, so glad you got it I would have bought it too. Enjoy

  2. To my mind, that is just too beautiful to use as a background, it should be allowed to be the centrepiece of some lovely blocks.


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