Wednesday, February 5, 2020

A February Finish

That easy-peasy baby quilt I made and quilted last week is now bound and ready to hand off to the expectant parents. Their due date is T-minus 6 days!

While in the process of creating this baby quilt, I was also working on Summer Nights. I am making the star blocks for that quilt one-by-one (as opposed to strip piecing) and mixed in amongst the gray and yellows for the baby quilts, were lots of blue and white for Summer Nights.

My scatterbrained inclination? Make a star block using the baby quilt fabric. Just to see what it would look like. So I did. I like it, but I'm not going to make more. What to do with one 12.5" star block?? I think I will spend this afternoon making a carry bag with this block as the front panel. I will add lots of pockets for a new momma's convenience. I will fold the quilt and insert it into the bag and gift it that way. No waste of gift bag or wrapping paper!

I am not going to follow a pattern; I can do some basic measuring, cutting, and sewing to create a bag that will be useful as a grocery bag or even a baby bag. Of course, I will share a picture when I finish!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Lovely baby quilt, the bag is a great idea!

  2. What a great idea! Patchwork gift bags that keep on giving!


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